Present to impress ***

Present to impress ***

The presentation remote that gives you total control

Presenting has become an essential skill for the modern professional, especially so for freelancers. Whether giving a talk, pitching to a new client or simply networking, doing so in a visually engaging manner can help you out a long way.

At Modern Work, we’ve gone out to test one of the latest gadgets on the market to see if it can take your presentation to a whole new level. Introducing Logitech’s Spotlight Presentation Remote – a device which has “reinvented presentation control”.

According to Logitech, Spotlight is unlike the traditional slide clicker or laser pointer: it is designed to “help you become a confident presenter”.

It does this by giving you the option to highlight, magnify and generally interact with the content on screen.

While all these advance features sound great, how easy is it to actually use?

First up, Spotlight is marketed as a plugand- play gadget that is app-based and compatible with most devices. We tested this out on a laptop running Windows 10 and it was both very easy to set up and quick, taking less than five minutes.

And rather than waiting hours to charge a device when you first use it, Spotlight takes just one minute, and this gives you roughly three hours of use.

Not only can you navigate between slides, the remote also allows you to highlight and magnify what’s on the screen.

The magnify option is particularly useful if you have a lot of text on screen or you have an image and you want to draw people’s attention to a minute detail. It is easy to navigate and prior to doing the presentation, you can even choose the zoom level.

There are two ways to highlight something you have on your presentation with this device. The first is through the spotlight feature, which essentially dims the presentation and gives you a spotlight to navigate around on screen. This feature is great for drawing your audience’s attention to an image, word or graphic.

The second way to highlight is by converting the cursor into a basic circle. This is a much subtler way to emphasise something and I think this would work best if you wanted to just stress a particular word on screen.

Once set up, you have the option to choose whether to use just one or all three of these functions. If you choose to use multiple, it is easy to switch between them – simply double-click the top button.

Spotlight can also be used in a mouselike manner; however, this proved a little harder to master. It is a great feature to have for playing and pausing videos and opening links, but to try and do more may take a fair bit of practice.

Other functions this remote offers include volume control – although I found I could only turn the volume up; option to scroll; turn the screen black and there is even the timer.

The timer is something that can be especially useful. You can set how long you have for the presentation and this will display on your screen only. It will then vibrate in your hand when you have five minutes left and then again when your time is up.

Finally, the most important thing of all, the price. At £119.99, the Spotlight remote is rather expensive. The features it offers will certainly enhance your presentation, and if this is something you do regularly then it could be a valuable purchase.